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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist

Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in Blackburn
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Hothouse boosts your immune system

It creates a low fever state of 1-3 degrees. Making cytokines, white blood cells & killer T-cells

Every degree your temperature increases doubles your immune system

Elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites & cellular waste products including mutat...

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Lymphatic drainage Weight loss

As the body detoxifies cells work better & crave less sugar & fats

Hothouse increases metabolism by rays of heat. Cells function rapidly & efficiently, enhancing the cardiovascular & immune system. Burning HUGE amounts of calories.

1 hour under hothouse burns ove...

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Lymphatic drainage massage Lymph system drainage massage by Certified Lymphologist
The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. Removing inflammation, toxins & poisons from the body.
Blood brings everything your cells need to work & regenerate.
The lymphatic system removes waste. so good...

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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist at Energy Wellness. The lymphatic system gets rid of cellulite, fat & toxins. Only 4 ways to activate the Lymphatic system. Certified Lymphologist at Energy Wellness will activate all 4 ways, removing cellulite, fat & toxins faster than anything out there. One...

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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist You have 200,000 kilometers of lymphatic vessels within your body. You have 96,500 kilometers of blood vessels. Blood brings oxygen & nutrition in, & the lymphatic system takes the waste, toxins & poisons out. Your lymphatic system pulls all the toxins into th...

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Depression, Anxiety and PTSD
Posted byadmin June 14, 2020
Emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields, some are helpful & some are harmful.
Everything is based in Physics, not Chemistry. Must know this to get well.
When 2 hydrogen atoms join with oxygen to form water, they exchange electr...

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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist
You have 200,000 kilometers of lymphatic vessels in your body. That is around the world 3 times.
Three times more than blood vessels
Blood vessels bring oxygen & nutrition into your body
And the Lymphatic system will take the waste out of your body
Only 4 ways...

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a year ago
I have be living with chronic pain, that is non responsive to narcotic drugs for the past 25 years now. Energy Wellness Centre treated me with 30 minute in the SOQI bed which helped better my posture and inflammation. It has also eased my chronic back pain caused by and old back injury and Shermans disease, yes and I must say that during my ongoing treatments for approximately 5 months with Sean I was free from consuming very strong painkillers as often as I have be taking for over 20 years... I will definitely go back for more treatment soon. Thank you so much for helping me Sean.
- Constance S
2 years ago
I have been to Energy Wellness Centre and got a 5-pac SOQI bed treatment to correct my posture alignment, and it completely fixed my sore aching back, neck and shoulders. Will definitely go back for more treatment when l feel that nagging back pain return again. Thanks Sean so much!
- Amanda W
2 years ago
Wow feeling energized and full of life , simply amazing
- Michelle R

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphologist will move Lymphatic Drainage 50% faster than massage. Lymphatic Massage is only one way to activate Lymphatic Drainage. Lymphologist will activate all 4 ways to activate Lymphatic drainage.
Also learn nutritional and exercise that activate Lymphatic Drainage to loose weight and inflammation. 

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